Two Wives

My day usually starts with making breakfast, doing laundry, cleaning the house then watch my favorite  Korean TV soap on ABS-CBN channel entitled, Two Wives.  The story is actually about a man who left and divorced his wife for another woman. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car right after the wedding ceremony. He lost consciousness  during the accident, and when he was already awake,  he doesn’t know his new wife anymore. Every memory of his new life was gone. He remembers everything except for his new bride, and he  still  finds himself  still very much in love with his first wife.

The story has too much complication and because of that first act of deception, the characters became entangled in the web of lies which was first spun by the husband.

The soap is still airing everyday and I am excited for the ending.

A Parent’s Prayer

I would like to share this prayer which I got from the St. Gerard Family League Prayerbook.


O Lord, make me a better parent. Teach me to understand my children, to listen patiently to what they say and to answer their questions kindly.  Keep me from interrupting them, talking back to them, and contradicting them.  Make me as courteous to them as I would have them be to me.  Give me the courage to confess my sins against my children and to ask their forgiveness when I know I have done them wrong… Help me grow with my children, to treat them as those of their own age; but let me not expect of them the judgements and conventions of adults.  Allow me not to rob them of the opportunity to wait upon themselves, to think, to choose, and to make decisions.

Having a hard time conceiving?

I was among those women who had a hard time getting pregnant. I got married at 28 but it took us 3 years to have our son.  I had 2 ob-gynes who helped me on my struggle with infertility and fortunately, I got lucky with my second doctor and so Enzo was conceived.

During my struggle to become a mom, I had undergone a fertility work-up. I had to take the pill, Clostil to regulate my ovulation.  It appeared during my ultrasound tests that I was not ovulating, hence I had to keep hoping that I would be able to catch my most fertile day anytime.

Like any desperate mommy wanna-be, I was obsessed with getting knocked-up. I never missed taking my Folic acid tablets everyday and I was so determined that I even sought the help of the League of St. Gerard.  St. Gerard Majella is the patron of mothers and he has become a spiritual guide for parents.   From what I’ve read, he has interceded so many prayers from eager infertile women. Out of too much desperation, I just had to plead for mercy and ask him to tell God that I am serious about wanting to have a baby.

One time, when I was doing my research over the internet, I came across with a little gadget called the Fertility Microscope.  It says that the microscope can help determine if a woman is ovulating through her saliva.  I just had to give it a try so I ordered 2 kinds of Fertility Microscope. One is called Fertile – Focus and the other is called Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester. I got both of them  from Ebay in the US.

Added to that, I also bought about a hundred packs of ovulation predictor kits or OPKs.

I will write about the wonder gadgets that I have used soon!

The Stay-at-home Mommy’s Dilemna

Isn’t it nice to be at home with your baby 24/7? I consider myself privileged for having an opportunity to ditch my day job and be at home every single day with my son.  For the first few months, I really do feel that leaving my job was the best decision ever. Yet, it came to a point in my everyday, mundane life wherein I find myself looking in the mirror and see myself all washed-out and unkempt,  without any spare cash to shop for my most basic personal needs.

I obviously love my son very much and I would give up anything in a heartbeat for him. However, now that he is not a baby anymore, I have decided that I can now focus on other things that I used to love doing.  Before I got married, I used to like going around and explore places.  I used to frequent the beauty salons and I liked being pretty.

If you look at me now, you would not believe that I was the same person. I am extremely overweight and I do not even have the time to do my nails.   As I am writing this blog, I promise that tonight will be the start of a new me.  I shall learn how to manage my time efficiently from being a good mom and wife, and my struggle to regain my self-esteem as a woman who totally forgot to live her life when she became a mom.

This blog is dedicated to my son, Enzo and to all the mommies who think that they need to get a life besides being just a mommy.